About us

The Zambia Society was founded in 1968 to encourage and strengthen ties between Britain and Zambia. In 1991 the Society launched the Zambia Society Trust in response to increasing poverty in Zambia and the devastating effects of the HIV epidemic. In 2006 the Society and Trust were amalgamated as the Zambia Society Trust. The Trust remains a membership organisation. The administration is carried out entirely by volunteers, so overheads are low.



PresidentMr Frank McGovern
Vice-PresidentMr James Cairns
ChairmanMr John Barnard
Vice-ChairmanMr Ken Hamilton
Hon. TreasurerMr Andrew Rose
Hon. SecretaryMrs Jenny Healy
AuditorMr Alan Hamilton

Committee 2013/2014:

Mr Peter Fleming, Mrs Anne Fraenkel, The Reverend David Goodacre, Mrs Eileen Hamilton, Mr Mathias Mbewe, Mrs Ikayi Mushinge, Mr David Powell, Mr Roger Thompson, and Mrs Elisabeth Young

History of the Trust

To learn more about the history of the Zambia Society Trust, please click here